2024 3rd International Conference on Electronics and Integrated Circuit Technology(EICT 2024)

Welcome Assoc. Prof. Kun-Ching Shen, Fuzhou University, China to be the TPC!


 Assoc. Prof. Kun-Ching Shen, Fuzhou University,  China



Kun-Ching Shen graduated from National Taiwan University with a doctorate. He is currently an associate professor at Fuzhou University. He was a visiting scholar at the Japan Institute of RIKEN and the University of Washington in the United States, the director of the R&D Department of UMC, and a researcher at the Taiwan Academia Sinica. Expertise in studying wide-bandgap semiconductor devices, such as high-power devices, high-brightness LEDs, and deep-ultraviolet lasers. He has published more than 60 papers in international journals, including Advanced Materials, Nano Energy, ACS Nano, and npj Flexible Electronics.

沈坤庆,台湾大学博士,现任福州大学副教授。曾去日本理研究所和美国华盛顿大学担任访问学者,曾任职联华电子公司研发部主任与台湾中央研究院研究员。专长为研究宽禁带半导体器件包含高功率电子器件,高亮度发光二极管和深紫外光激光器。已累计发表国际知名期刊60余篇,包含Advanced Materials、Nano Energy、ACS Nano、和npj Flexible Electronics。