2024 3rd International Conference on Electronics and Integrated Circuit Technology(EICT 2024)


About Nanchang


Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi Province, one of the central cities in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River urban agglomeration, the core city of the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, and a national historical and cultural city named by the State Council. It currently governs three counties (Nanchang, Jinxian, Anyi), six districts (Honggutan, East Lake, West Lake, Qingyunpu, Qingshan Lake, and Xinjian), three national level development zones (Nanchang National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang National High tech Industrial Development Zone, and Nanchang Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone), and the Wanli Management Bureau. The area is 7402 square kilometers, with a total population of 6.03 million. It is the political, economic, cultural, technological, and transportation center of the province.

The Tengwang Pavilion and Qiushui Square in Nanchang City are one of the most eye-catching scenic spots in the city. Tengwang Pavilion embodies the historical and cultural heritage, allowing people to feel the emotions and wisdom of ancient literati. Qiushui Square showcases the prosperity and vitality of modern cities, providing people with a beautiful enjoyment. Welcome to Nanchang to experience unique and charming scenery, leaving unforgettable memories.